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RISE Prime Wellness yoga is the first of its kind. Medically managed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, RPW yoga classes are small group classes. Unlike other studios, we cap our classes at 10 people. We believe that people move the best in a small guided setting. With small class sizes, our trained yoga instructors have more time to oversee their class attendees for a more safe and functional practice. With functional movement and mobility in mind, our yoga instructors have been trained to update your yoga practice with the understanding of human anatomy and functional needs. You will be introduced to dynamic stretching, functional balance training, and strengthening poses that will help you on and off the mat.

All classes are available to all levels of students. Each class offers a variety of options for each pose and transition so that you can adjust your yoga class to your skill set and needs. For further information about each class style, please see our class description page. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Our Yoga Classes

Yoga for Balance

Balance is key to stay healthy, prevent injury and increase performance in activity throughout your lifetime. Improve your body’s ability to adapt to change, movement and functional balance. This class stimulates your body through changing positions and environments to improve your balance.

Yoga for Flexibility

Improve your body’s mobility in this 60 minute class. Your muscles, fascia and soft tissues will thank you as you stretch through dynamic stretches. Both traditional yoga poses and functional stretching techniques will be used to address areas of stiffness. Breathe new life into your body with the gift of movement.

Yoga for Strength

Improve your body’s strength in an all level class that aims to challenge your practice by building internal heat, energizing breath, and strengthening poses. Students utilize their body weight and various dumbells to awaken their body through a dynamic sequence that will leave you feeling powerful!

Yoga for Core and Arms

Fire up your body with this 60 minute yoga class focused on two important areas of the body: core and arms. Improved core control helps to improve your balance, performance and coordination. This all levels class provides the tools for a more functionally strong core and arms so you can take on the world.

Yoga for Cardio

This class offers energetic sequences that provokes your endurance by getting your heart pumping. This all levels class offers variations to meet students where they are and to provide challenge. These fast paced transitions will stimulate your cardiovascular system to spark improved health.

Yoga for Back Health

Learn how to improve and stabilize your back health in this 60 minute class. Various stretches to the back and surrounding hips will help to alleviate tension built up during everyday life. With improved mobility, you will transition into stabilizing and strengthening poses and movement to keep your back healthy for a lifetime.

Yoga for Sleep

Prepare your body for sleep through gentle stretching and movement followed by yoga nidra and crystal sound vibration. Yoga nidra is often referred to as “yogic sleep,” a paradoxical state of being between sleep and consciousness that’s conducive to emotional and physical healing. You will be guided through mediation for self exploration to prepare your body for sleep.

Yoga for Healing

Learn how the Power of 3 (breath, yoga, and meditation) can help you restore and renew balance in your mind and body. In this Healing Yoga Class, you will be guided through a series of Gentle Yoga postures and breathing techniques to help prepare and relax your mind and body for meditation. Practicing meditation regularly will help you manage stress, reduce anxiety, create inner peace, enhance your sleep patterns, lower your blood pressure and initiate healing.

Our Yoga Instructors

alex headshot


Alex has been teaching yoga since 2012. Her passion is to share the benefits of yoga practice with others. She brings a rich understanding of yoga gained from multiple yoga teacher trainings and certifications, and her classes are for everyone, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Her classes will help improve mobility, flexibility, build functional strength, core strength, and will help you stay centered and present. Every class is different, every time, and she may incorporate: aromatherapy, pranayama (breathing techniques), visualization, meditation, and mudras (hand gestures).

rebecca headshot


Rebecca’s educational background is in Biology and she has been teaching Yoga for 17 years. She is also a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor, receiving her training at the Chopra Center, founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra. “I experienced the powerful miracle of self-healing. I am forever changed because of it, and now I want to teach others that they are the healer and the healed. Healing comes from connecting within. I feel inspired every time I connect to my inner-self through my yoga and meditation practice. The more I am connected to who I really am, the more I want to be a source of peace, light and love for others.”

buket headshot


Moving to the United States gave Buket the opportunity to pursue her passion for well being, fitness and living a holistic healthy lifestyle. She took her first Reiki and breathing techniques training while she was a competitive archer on the Turkish national team during and after her university education. She completed her 200 hour YTT from Core Power Yoga. Her classes are rooted in the Vinyasa and Hatha style with an emphasis on alignment and breath awareness. Routines are designed to encourage a continuous flow in & out of postures with coordinated breath control. “I don’t pursue extreme, distorted poses in Yoga. I strive for balance in considering the whole body, mind and spirit in a lifelong approach”.

leila headshot


Leila discovered yoga in 2000 when she was in college and has been dedicated to her own practice ever since. In 2011, she pursued teacher training through the Awakened Heart Embodied Mind school of yoga at Exhale in Venice, California. Her instruction emphasized correct alignment, injury prevention, and personal responsibility in practice and teaching, the mind-body relationship, especially looking at the ways that trauma lives in the body, the ways that breath can facilitate healing, and the fascinating advances in Neuroscience that support this understanding. Her own approach as a teacher is rooted in mindfulness, bringing a loving awareness to body and breath. She delivers a gentle, relaxing practice for beginners, and a deep vinyasa flow for more experienced yogis, creating space for everyone to find the inner rhythms to guide their practice. She is also an avid dancer and enthusiastic about welcoming ecstatic movement into or after a more structured practice.

jesi headshot


Jesi, as her friends and students call her, developed her creative teaching style through years of working as an artist. She has been practicing different styles of yoga and teaching authentically comes across in her personality. Her mantra is "Live your yoga." She continuously learns from her students and peers, knowing we are all forever students. She brings her creativity as an artist into each yoga class she teaches. She is currently a yoga therapist in training at the soul of yoga branching out to help people heal on a yogic level using movement, breath and meditation.

janelle headshot


Janelle was born and raised in Miami, FL and has always enjoyed an active lifestyle. She received her Yoga Sculpt Instructor certification in 2017 after personally practicing yoga for over 12 years. Janelle competed collegiately in wakeboarding at the University of Florida before moving to San Diego in 2012 to pursue a Masters degree in Public Health and in Social Work. She manages a community health clinic during the week and is passionate about helping others. When she's not practicing yoga, you can find her boating with her husband Alex and their dog Jackson.

jessica headshot


Jessica grew up with a background in ballet, she started dancing at age 3 and has always had a passion for mind and body awareness. Her yoga journey began 15 years ago as an attempt to heal an injury from dance. She fell in love with yoga by its ability to heighten awareness, and overtime found that yoga is not only a practice but a way of life. She honors the connection that yoga gives to ourselves, to each other, and to our surroundings. In 2015 Jessica received her 200 hour RYT under Bea Raydo and ever since on and off the mat she is excited to share the many benefits of yoga with others.


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