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The physical therapy pillar of RISE Prime Wellness is unlike any other approach. Our goal is to bring patients into the comprehensive medical management model and create a foundation for success. All of our sessions are one-on-one without the use of any aides or assistants. By completing an initial evaluation with one of our physical therapists, you’re able to identify and eliminate factors that hinder your daily life or impede your progress towards your health & wellness goals.

Because RISE Prime Wellness is an Out-Of-Network physical therapy provider, we’re able to offer a personalized treatment experience that is unique to you. Unlike most traditional courses of physical therapy, our multidiscplined providers are trained and skilled in the art of managing your care across a variety of health & wellness services such as yoga, cryotherapy, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, and more.

As a result, you won’t be scheduled for multiple sessions per week for your care. If our therapists determine that a more comprehensive physical therapy intensive approach is needed, then we will discuss having you attend one of our sister clinics in order to utilize your in-network physical therapy benefits. Our goal is to work with individuals and groups that are looking for a more holistic approach to care and we have chosen to be an Out-Of-Network provider in order to facilitate the use of other modalities that will benefit your care, all while under the guidance of a Doctor of Physical Therapy. At the completion of your care, you will be provided with a comprehensive invoice which you will be able to submit to your insurance in order to receive reimbursement for your care.

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Rachel Nesseth, PT, DPT, CAFS, RYT

Dr. Rachel Nesseth’s unique background in yoga, dance, and pediatric physical therapy allows her to work with many of our RISE Prime Wellness patients. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a background in Applied Functional Science, Rachel incorporates that unique experience into not only her physical therapy practice but also her yoga classes. Visit our yoga page to view Dr. Nesseth’s yoga schedule.

With a background in dance, Dr. Nesseth is also able to provide a unique combination of education and experience to the rehabilitation, education, and injury prevention of the local dance community.

Dr. Nesseth has also worked closely with multiple pediatric practitioners (ranging from pediatric MD’s, to pediatric dentists, CST’s, chiropractors, and other providers) in order to develop rehabilitation protocols for young patients with plagiocephaly, torticollis, and other musculoskeletal/neurodevelopmental delays.

Dr. Nesseth is available to treat all patients for sixty-minute sessions and pediatric patients for thirty-minute sessions (with the initial evaluation being sixty minutes long). To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rachel Nesseth, please contact us.

Dr. Navid Hannanvash, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, CAFS, FAFS

Dr. Navid Hannanvash is the CEO & Owner of RISE Prime Wellness, along with multiple other outpatient physical therapy clinics throughout San Diego and Southern California. Dr. Hannanvash has the unique distinction of being the only practitioner in the world with his unique combination of credentials (ranging from a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, to his background as an Athletic Trainer, to his time spent as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/consultant, to developing his post doctoral Fellowship in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute) along with his vast experience in business and understanding of other medical modalities.

As such, Dr. Hannanvash only treats a select group of patients that require more of a “medical management model” rather than a traditional physical therapy approach. Please get in touch with us to inquire about a consultation with Dr. Hannanvash.


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