Transitions: Feeling Grounded in the In-Between

Transitions: Feeling Grounded in the In-Between featured image

Written by Heather Hough

We all go through changes and begin new projects all the time: having a baby, starting a new job, starting school, finishing school, moving, asking the person out who you’ve been dreaming about, the list infinitely goes on. Anybody’s immediate response to any of these events is “congratulations!” because we know that it takes change in order to grow and to become more. With change on your life’s horizon, excitement ensues. This excitement can show up as bliss or anxiousness, and many times is a conjoined twin of the two. Excitement winds up our energy and offers the momentum for you to skyrocket into your next beginning. However, it is important which side of excitement you decide to focus on. The way you choose to come through the “portal of New” sets the tone for your success.

For example, I was fresh out of high school and seeking something grand, so I bought a one-way ticket and moved to Hawaii by myself. The whole way there, the fantasy of a life in jungle paradise replayed through my head - along with Ziggy Marley’s “On the Beach in Hawaii”. But when the plane hit the ground, I had an epiphany that all of my emergency contacts were 3,000 miles away! Realizing that I had not only taken on an awesome adventure, but also full responsibility for my teen self, I had to hit the ground running. I had the choice of letting panic wash over me, making the move harder than it had to be, but instead, I accepted this piece of information and suddenly felt bigger already knowing that I had cannon balled into adult hood and was ready to swim.

When making a shift in life, we are often met with a funky transition: not quite yet in the groove of your new, but far from the familiarity of yesterday. When flying into the future, it’s near impossible for most of us to keep our feet on the ground and head screwed on straight. Let’s explore some actions we can take that will smooth a transition, and get you feeling grounded.

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Trust yourself and your capability to succeed. Know that you are meant to be wherever You are, and trust that you will learn what the universe needs you to. You have never faced a challenge that you didn’t make it through because here you are!


Remember: your world is changing and you are growing, but you are still You. Find pieces of life that make you feel at home for a bit of comfort. And accept the reality of your now world. Understand your role and your goal. Become interested in the new things around you and learn them, become interested in the new people in your life thanks to this transition and make friends with them.

Ditch the Comparisons

So often, we enter a new project with the finished product already in mind. Be hopeful, but ditch the comparison of your reality to any expectations you had before. Accept what is, and work toward the goal.

Also, understand that because of this transition, it isn’t how it used to be. So don’t dampen your new experience by wishing for what was. Learning how to feel grounded and in control during life’s transitions is a small part of our holistic health and wellness. Fully invest in your now and make it the best!


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