Simple and Inexpensive Self-Care Practices for When You're Short On Time

Simple and Inexpensive Self-Care Practices 
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Self-care is an essential part of everyone’s well-being, something we neglect at our peril. Even if you’re an ultra-busy person, you can work self-care habits into your lifestyle without eating into your schedule. It’s often the simplest, most inexpensive practices that keep us feeling energized and healthy — because we’re able to practice them regularly.

Decorate Your Workplace

The workplace can become a claustrophobic, mind-numbing part of our lives. Given the amount of time you spend at work, NBC News points out that it makes sense to decorate your office or cubicle with reminders of happy experiences. Hang pictures from a memorable vacation or images of your favorite places (don’t forget photos of the family, especially your kids). These are more than just scenic additions to your decor; they serve as reminders that work isn’t just about grinding out 40 hours or more every week. They’re good to have around when things get stressful, as they remind you that you work to live, you don’t live to work.

Don’t Waste Your Vacation Time

If your employer provides paid vacation time, then you definitely need to take full advantage of this important benefit. Everyone needs some downtime and the opportunity to re-energize themselves in body and mind. If you’re concerned about the expense, consider joining with family or friends in covering the cost of an in-town vacation rental.

San Diego is an ideal place to chill out when it comes to an in-town vacation, with options suitable for anyone. Turnkey reminds that San Diego offers 70 miles of coastline and an annual average daily temperature of 70 degrees, which makes for an idyllic vacation spot. Hike the scenic trails in Balboa Park, do some surfing at one of the area’s gorgeous beaches, or take in a rooftop movie in the Gaslamp Quarter. Whatever you like to do, remember that you can save some money by booking a vacation property close to whatever sites and activities appeal to you.

Meditation and Yoga

One of the best things about meditation is that you can achieve a lot of good without having to give up a lot of time. Fifteen or 20 minutes of meditation can be very calming, a practice that’s mentally and physically relaxing and recalibrates your perspective. You don’t need a big studio, expensive equipment, or a lot of space — all you really need is a small, quiet spot, maybe a corner of the bedroom or a comfy chair by a window, with a view of trees and flowers.

Light some candles and put on your favorite relaxing music to help calm your thoughts and facilitate concentration. The space you create should play an active role in your meditative practice. Do some research online or check out a meditation video on YouTube and learn to incorporate deep breathing exercises while you meditate to help alleviate day-to-day stresses.

Yoga is a holistic, mindful practice that integrates mind and body. There are different kinds of yoga, depending on your goals and abilities, but each version can lead you to a healthier, happier state, and it won’t cost you a bunch of money. Try combining the discipline of yoga with the exhilarating physical process of cryotherapy, in which you enter a special chamber that causes skin temperature to fall approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which stimulates blood flow.

Be a Nurturer

Providing care and love for a pet or house plant can be a rewarding experience. It channels your attention away from your problems and anxieties. Also, it doesn’t take much time or cost a lot of money, so it won’t intrude on your busy schedule or stretch your budget. Self-care needn’t be a major draw on your time or bank account. Many very effective self-care practices are quite simple and can be done at home when it’s convenient for you. The important thing is to recognize the need to feed your soul and engage in activities that bring you joy.


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