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Written by Heather Hough

We’ve got love on our brains, approaching Valentine’s Day next week. It’s a day to celebrate the love that you give and receive all the time. Taking some time to really appreciate those around you puts that warm, fuzzy feeling in everybody’s tummy, am I right? When coming up on a holiday, many of us automatically wonder what to gift our friends, family, or significant other. Of course we want to make those we adore, well, feel adored!

But what about YOU?

First of all, you can’t fully love others until you love yourself first. We’ve all heard it, how many of us actively practice showing some love to ourselves on a daily basis? Putting yourself first isn’t selfish by any means. In fact, it is quite the contrary. When you feel nurtured, you are able to share more of your authentic self with others. This coming week, focus your energy on self care.

Treat yourself!


Experience an immediate mood booster from a rush of endorphins after a good sweat. Get that heart (that is so full of LOVE) pounding! After a good workout, you will walk taller, feel stronger, and breathe better. The afterglow from some delicious movement might be exactly what you need in order to feel like the beaming ray of sunshine that you are.

Make Art

Creation is such a vital piece of self love. Some people feel that they are not creative, but that is only because passions might have been stifled or forgotten. Everybody has brilliant ideas, and it is only natural that we have a desire to create. We come from creation, it is what we are! Experiment with many mediums of art: write, paint, draw, dance, film, music, the list is endless. Creating art brings immediate gratification. First, nothing was there, and then thanks to your brilliance in action, beauty came to be.

Take Yourself on a Date

Get to know yourself again and invest in quality me time. Do something that you love to do just by yourself. That could mean taking a hike, treating yourself to a whole body cryotherapy treatment, taking a new yoga class, going to the beach, taking the time to make yourself a nice meal, or just allowing yourself to lounge. After some solitude, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to share yourself with this great, big, beautiful world once again.


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