Electric vs. Nitrogen Cryotherapy

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Is there really THAT big of a difference between Electric Cryotherapy and Nitrogen Cryotherapy?

The answer is simple - ABSOLUTELY!

The differences between electronic and nitrogen cryotherapy machines are profound. Not only is electric cryotherapy more effective, it is also safer than machines which use liquid nitrogen. While liquid nitrogen cryotherapy fills chambers with hazardous gas in the treatment area, electric walk in cryo rooms are filled with oxygen enriched air. Nitrogen increases risk for forced air burns on the skin and uneven cooling on the body causing extreme discomfort.

This unequal distribution only partially cools the body causing zero vagus nerve activation. The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the autonomic nervous system and its stimulation is extremely important for overall health and well being. Due to exposure of the head and neck (where the vagus nerve begins) electric walk in room cryotherapy causes 30% more of an autonomic nervous system response in the body, stimulating the vagus nerve immediately.

The vagal response reduces stress and anxiety by reducing the heart rate and blood pressure. Aid in digestion also occurs do to the body undergoing enhanced relaxation. The Federal Drug Administration gives warning to all who use nitrogen machines, while electric cryo chambers have zero warnings.

RISE Prime Wellness offers state of the art safe and effective, electric powered whole body cryotherapy treatments. Our machine is manufactured straight from Germany where they offer WBC in many medically facilities.

We encourage you to watch the videos provided below giving some more information briefly about WBC. Also come try our electric walk-in cryotherapy machine to experience the benefits for yourself!

How Whole Body Cryotherapy Works:

Significance of Electric Walk-In Cryotherapy:


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