Cryotherapy: Professional-Grade Treatment for Everyday Athletes

Written by Dr. Navid Hannanvash PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, CAFS, FAFS

Among die-hard basketball fanatics, the old adage goes like this: Ball. Is. Life. You live, eat, sleep, and breathe hoops. But what happens when Ball ISN’T Life? Blasphemous to some, real life for most.

The majority of professional athletes in this world have the time, energy, and resources to have access to the highest levels of care and body maintenance. But what happens when all you care about is not having aches and pains while playing with your children or grandchildren, being able to reach for a glass from a shelf, train for a local 5K, or even play a game of pick-up basketball or tennis once a week with your pals? Does that mean you shouldn’t have access to the same health and wellness resources?

lebron james doing cyrotherapy

At RISE Prime Wellness, we realize that not everybody has the time and energy to track down the latest technology and resources to pain management and improved performance. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work to make professional-level resources more accessible. It may seem like old hat to the most informed professional athlete, but to weekend warriors, whole body cryotherapy is a relatively new phenomenon.

We’ve created the first medical facility in San Diego with a whole body cryotherapy unit that even professional athletes are envious of. The level of holistic wellness and medical management we’re able to provide is unparalleled, and combines physical therapy for your aches and pains, yoga for flexbility, mobility, and mindfullness, and whole-body electric cryotherapy to give you results similar on par with the most seasoned professional athletes.

Cryotherapy speeds up injury recovery, relieves pain and soreness, reduces lactic acids, helps inflammation, decreases spasms, releases endorphins and improves range of motion (since it loosens muscles that were tight or sore, which is a common issue for NBA players as they go through a rigorous 82-game season).

shawn marion using cryotherapy

To schedule your first visit and dominate your world, just like these pro athletes dominate theirs, reach out to us today.

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